There ought to be silence

Month: February, 2010

too many thoughts, not enough sleep

if some doors stay close, others will open

random memories

Earthcore 2007, Victoria Australia

Collective Soul – Selected Photography Studies College 2009 Graduates

17 – 27 February
“Collective Soul”
Alice Beaven, Tristan Davies, Alyce Langier, Bridget Meldrum, Bronwyn Moore, Emma Swayn
Selected Photography Studies College 2009 Graduates
Opening drinks Thursday 18 February 5.30 – 7.30pm

Lauren Simonutti

courtesy Lauren Simonutti

Rodney Graham

Claire Morgan

courtesy Claire Morgan

The rapid evlution of mankind

A commercial for insurance company AXA by Tronic

Kaiko Schwartz

courtesy Kaiko Schwartz

Thomas Myers – ‘Fade to White’ Exhibition in Berlin

13th feb – 13th march 2010

Gallery Systm, Torstrasse 68, 10119 Berlin

courtesy Thomas Myers

Jürgen Nefzger – Fluffy Clouds

With “Fluffy Clouds”, Jürgen Nefzger takes us on a journey through several Europeen countries: France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Great-Britain and Belgium, all of which are strongly dependent on nuclear power. This series goes further than merely cataloguing power stationsIt covers great geographical diversity by situating them in their natural and social environment. The representation of various landscape patterns is underlined by the use of a wide range of colors and lighting situations, following the course of a full year. By choosing the power station as a symbol these images address sociological, ideological and political issues – Raphaëlle Stopin

courtesy Jürgen Nefzger

there’s much to be loved