There ought to be silence

Month: September, 2010

an ode to rosenthaler straße

All things are coming to an end, and so it is time to say good-bye to rosenthaler str. It’s been a few hectic last days here with moving stuff out, fixing things, painting walls and so on. Tonight will be my first night in my new flat in prenzlauer berg, but first I would like to say thank you for being my home base over the years, all the wonderful moments, the wild parties, the dinners , the couch aka my bed, to the people I have met here and everything I haven’t mentioned. Cheers!

time to move…

…means no time for pictures. back soon.

enough is enough

It doens’t feel like I’ve existed in the past week

can’t wait

promising, but…

Today started with a beautiful hazy morning. The sun was so strong that I hardly could see when I first looked out of the window. Well, the hangover from last night probably played a part there too, but that’s a different story. It hasn’t been that nice for a while, even though were in summer. With such a good start, I thought, this day would bring some good news as well as the good weather. But it didn’t… Oh well, the weather was still nice.

more green lights please.


This is one of the first shots I took after coming to Berlin. Just found it on my hard drive again. Coming back to your own country can be somewhat a pain in the ass, because you have to register yourself at the citizen centre, the employment agency, get yourself a tax number and so on. If you’re from Germany you can imagine what a hassle that is. German bureaucracy … and you thought we’re efficient over here. But at least they offer a nice view from the 13th floor … and since I’m now fully back in the system, I hope they won’t bother me too much.

put the needle on the record

I’ve been away for the past 4 days, but now i’m back in town, back on my diary and also back just in time for the weekend. Talking about going away … has always helped me to solve problems or to overcome obstacles. In this case it’s probably more the overcoming of obstacles of moving to a new city and starting a new life. Not always an easy task but as I said earlier it would be boring otherwise. Coming from a city where summer is endless, life uncomplicated and friends the best in the world to new city is definitely a challenge. But change is always good! Going into the distance and look at things from far away helps me to see things more clearly and points out certain features that I might have missed, because I was too close and somehow overwhelmed. Anyway, it’s good now the way it is and I can say: put the needle on the record and bring it on

history, behind every corner

I love this city for it’s historical background! I was walking through this park yesterday, which was filled with people enjoying the few sunny days this month here. And it kinda struck me that only 20 years ago, the Berlin Wall went right through this park, where many people have lost their lives trying to escape to West Berlin. As you can see here, today people using these parks to spend a day outside with friends or family and use them as any other park on a nice day.

What also struck me was, that I ran into a friend of a friend from Australia. Someone I had met once or maybe twice before in my life and we met randomly in this park. But after some years of traveling you realise that the world is smaller than you think and these things happen actually quite frenquently..

And another random fact I found out today: 40 years ago, in 1970, my father moved to Berlin and another 40 years prior to that, in 1930 his father moved to Berlin. Hm .. this make me wonder what my son will do in 40 years, should I ever have a son of course.

f*** that

Looking for rooms can be quite frustrating at stages, especially when you try to find a room just before the start of a new semester and all the new students arrive. I’ve sent out sooo many requests in the last couple of weeks and only got to look at 2 so far, which weren’t even that great.  Oh well, at least I know that I can stay where I’m at for at least another couple of weeks and in case of emergency I have a few more couches to sleep on… And if I learned one thing in the past about room-hunting is, that good things will happen when they are supposed to happen! You can also apply this on other things in life, but for now let’s stick to finding a room.

By the way: If you live in Berlin and have a spare room, feel free to tell me about it…

i woke up with a smile today

If life wasn’t challenging, it would be boring