history, behind every corner

by oliverparzer

I love this city for it’s historical background! I was walking through this park yesterday, which was filled with people enjoying the few sunny days this month here. And it kinda struck me that only 20 years ago, the Berlin Wall went right through this park, where many people have lost their lives trying to escape to West Berlin. As you can see here, today people using these parks to spend a day outside with friends or family and use them as any other park on a nice day.

What also struck me was, that I ran into a friend of a friend from Australia. Someone I had met once or maybe twice before in my life and we met randomly in this park. But after some years of traveling you realise that the world is smaller than you think and these things happen actually quite frenquently..

And another random fact I found out today: 40 years ago, in 1970, my father moved to Berlin and another 40 years prior to that, in 1930 his father moved to Berlin. Hm .. this make me wonder what my son will do in 40 years, should I ever have a son of course.