put the needle on the record

by oliverparzer

I’ve been away for the past 4 days, but now i’m back in town, back on my diary and also back just in time for the weekend. Talking about going away … has always helped me to solve problems or to overcome obstacles. In this case it’s probably more the overcoming of obstacles of moving to a new city and starting a new life. Not always an easy task but as I said earlier it would be boring otherwise. Coming from a city where summer is endless, life uncomplicated and friends the best in the world to new city is definitely a challenge. But change is always good! Going into the distance and look at things from far away helps me to see things more clearly and points out certain features that I might have missed, because I was too close and somehow overwhelmed. Anyway, it’s good now the way it is and I can say: put the needle on the record and bring it on