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Artconnect Berlin / Ikono.Tv: Video Spotlight 2013 Series #2

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Adam Magyar – STAINLESS

Rachael Boyd

Nicholas Alan Cope

From the ARCHITECTURE II series

Recycled words

Titels and words borrowed from “There Ought To Be Silence” by Melbourne-based artist feedme


r.i.p. Christoph Schlingensief

Christoph Schlingensief, has died today at the age of 49 after suffering from lung cancer for more than two years.  As remembrance a few cut outs from his  tv-series Schlingensiefs U3000, one of my favorite shows.



will be held biennially in New York from 2011 onwards, but in an innovative twist will be traveling every other year around the globe. Possible venues for 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2018 are in chronological order Brisbane/Australia; Graz/Austria; Cracow/Poland and Shanghai/China.

THE CHARLATAN INK ART PRIZE for the Visual Arts is open to all artists practicing VISUAL ART : painters (in any medium & stylistic expression from classical painting to collages to illustrations to graffiti to drawing to print); photographers (film/digital); sculptors (3D works/jewellery); film-makers (video/film-camera/animation film); conceptual artists (working in all mediums mentioned above); crafts (from pottery to weaving to carpet-looming)

1st prize

The Winner of the inaugural Charlatan Ink Art Prize for the Visual Arts 2011 shall receive the CHARLATAN INK ART PRIZE Silver Ink Well and US$ 25,000.00 in Prize Money.

2nd prize

The artist with the second highest point score awarded by the jury shall receive the Charlatan Ink Encouragement Prize, which includes a 6 week artist residency at the Carlton Arms Hotel, New York*, a Canon G11 Camera and US$ 1,000.00. Furthermore Endeavor Printing will print an exhibition catalog (softcover, max. 75 pages in an edition of 200) for an exhibition the artist might undertake within the next twelve months of the Second Prize win. * The Artist Residency at the Carlton Arms Hotel through the Carlton Arms Art Project : Residency has to be taken up during the months of January & February and must be completed within 6 weeks. Residency has to be taken up during the year following the win. Artists must commit themselves to participate in one form or another** to the Carlton Arms Art Project***. **( paint a room; participate in the restoration of artworks at the hotel, etc.) *** the winner of the second prize is not obligated to accept the Artist Residency , however, no monetary or other substitution shall recompense the artist declining the residency!

3rd prize

The artist with the third highest point score awarded by the jury shall receive a twelve months art expose on the CHARLATAN INK Website, hosting the artist’s portfolio.

Gallery prize

To encourage galleries to forward to their artists all relevant information concerning the Charlatan Ink Art Prize, Charlatan Ink Publishing & Endeavor Printing have committed themselves to print for the gallery that has encouraged the Winner to participate in the Charlatan Ink Art Prize, a first class exhibition catalog in an edition of 300 copies (softcover, max. 100 pages).

Is it a disease of the soul to be in love with impossible things?

From the dis(owned) series by Julie Shiels

minnie street

Images by Tristan Davies

recently at west space

Objecthood: Study C by Torie Nimmervoll

Tana Swiwi by Wanda Gillespie

Slow Dance by Shay Minster

Installation photography: Oliver Parzer

Exhibition at West Space Melbourne [19/02/10 –  13/03/10]

Andreas Von Chrzanowski

The Battle for Rattle by Andreas von Chrzanowski

The Heartbeat Of Brunswick

This is a short documentary on the Sunday Sessions held at Ceres Environmental Park located in Brunswick East. The area in recent years begun attracting community minded people along with an alter…  Directed by Bronja Everaardt

random memories

Earthcore 2007, Victoria Australia

Lauren Simonutti

courtesy Lauren Simonutti

Rodney Graham

Claire Morgan

courtesy Claire Morgan

The rapid evlution of mankind

A commercial for insurance company AXA by Tronic

Kaiko Schwartz

courtesy Kaiko Schwartz

Thomas Myers – ‘Fade to White’ Exhibition in Berlin

13th feb – 13th march 2010

Gallery Systm, Torstrasse 68, 10119 Berlin

courtesy Thomas Myers

Jürgen Nefzger – Fluffy Clouds

With “Fluffy Clouds”, Jürgen Nefzger takes us on a journey through several Europeen countries: France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Great-Britain and Belgium, all of which are strongly dependent on nuclear power. This series goes further than merely cataloguing power stationsIt covers great geographical diversity by situating them in their natural and social environment. The representation of various landscape patterns is underlined by the use of a wide range of colors and lighting situations, following the course of a full year. By choosing the power station as a symbol these images address sociological, ideological and political issues – Raphaëlle Stopin

courtesy Jürgen Nefzger

Natasha Klimchuk – Treya

courtesy Natasha Klimchuk

Floris Kaayk – Metalosis Maligna

Metalosis Maligna is a documentary about a disease that affects patients with medical implants. Metalosis Maligna occurs when a metal implant interacts badly with human body tissue, causing the metal to grow tendrils, which eventually puncture the skin from within and destroy it. The movie shows the development of the disease from its early stages through to the gory advanced stages, by which point entire sections of flesh have fallen away and all that is left is a skeleton of scrap metal.

Video and text courtesy Floris Kaayk

i photograph photographs

Bill Henson, Untitled 1985/86/2009
courtesy the artist and Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney

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it makes me laugh every time

The most inspiring blog, I have come across in quite some time: